Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Day In The Life

You sit around a long oval table, there are 8 lawyers looking at you. One lawyer has been asking you questions for 5 hours, the others look bored but still they just stare because there is nothing else to do and you are the only game in town. You have been sworn in, the lawyer asking the questions hands you page after page of "evidence" and asks you about each one. The stenographer silently takes notes- you are amazed at how quickly she can type- 5 hours straight and she hasn't missed a beat. You realize that in about a week you will get a copy of your deposition. How many "ummmms" have been caught, how many "Ya know"s ? After five hours of everyone looking at you and asking you questions about something that happened 8 years ago you start to drift. You look out the window, over an expanse of land which no longer shows any evidence of the farms that were there 10 years ago- just corporate park after corporate park after corporate park. Another piece of evidence (#67) is handed to you. "Do you recognize this letter?" As your eyes come back into the room and leave the the vista beyond you think to yourself, "I really need to learn how to buy vegitables by metric weight- that will be important in Paris"


Self Taught Artist said...

this sounds like torture and you sound so blase about it. i would have jumped out the window with anxiety.

Misplaced said...

The first 15 minutes I was nervous as hell...that and the entire weekend before, but I relaxed. I always make things worse in my mind than they ever actually are.

Jenny! said...

Sounds like a fun day!

t2ed said...

Man this brings back memories.

Really shitty memories.

I'm very glad I don't have to sit around one of those tables anymore.

sarala said...

I've been deposed. It stinks.
The veggies are easy though. Divide by two and you get pounds. So generally you want a half kilo (un demi kilo). Now cooking from a recipe, that's another matter.