Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The last two days I have been feeling "The Panic".

The dollar plummets overseas- our spending power decreases daily.

The housing market is terrible- what if we can't sell the house?

Usually K- is the worrier and I comfort her with "everything is going to be fine- it will work out the way it's supposed to" Being of service to others is an old recovery trick- if you comfort another you don't have time to think about yourself. Apparently I've made time to do both.

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Self Taught Artist said...

my opinion only, i know you aren't asking....
1) dont look at stocks/market stuff
2) keep in mind that something wants to happen and don't get in its way, you have the hunch your are following it and what will be will be, que sera sera
3) there is always tutoring english or some strange job isn't there?
4)who's to say you can't be writing articles and getting paid for that all whilst you cozy up in some cafe? Hell the woman who wrote seabiscuit coudn't even leave her BED and made money writing articles....
just thoughts
easier to say since they are your worries and not mine I know.