Monday, May 07, 2007

It was a good weekend. I organized a street sale on Saturday which was good fun. K- and I cleared almost $400 but, more importantly, we got rid of some crap. Our buddies down the street sold $1,200 and $300 more on sunday. We had several people express interest in the cars we were selling. One couple, just moved from Spain took the Saab for a test ride. I wasn't interested in going with them but they didn't know how to drive an automatic- I'd never heard of such a thing. If you can't drive an automatic doesn't that mean you just can't drive? I didn't care I need to sell the cars. We began our journey in a stop and go manner. He kept his left foot on the break and his right on the gas. "ewwww the breaks are very touchy" He said after nearly sending me through thre windshield. "Only when you slam on them" I responded- I gave him a quick lesson in the automatic and we hit the highway without incident or accident. They expressed an interest in purchasing the car which is good and bad. Good, because we have to sell it and bad because we don't move until August. There was some interest in K's car, a '98 Jetta - I even tried to pawn it off on the Spaniards but he said, after our highway drive, "Once you've driven a Saab, it's hard to drive a Jetta" My thinking exactly.

Sunday- an absolutly beautiful day- we had an open house. K- went to brunch and I studied french on the deck while complete strangers wanderered through our house, poking, prodding and silently judging us. Ponette, the tri-colored bitch cat from Hell, did very well and didn't even vomit least not yet. There weren't many people at the open house, maybe five couples, which makes me nervous- the house needs to sell to make this trip work. We still have plenty of time but there should be more interest in the house then that. It's a tough market but I was hoping our great location would offset that- we shall see.


Self Taught Artist said...

I liked this post. I like the car story and thinking about you observing everyone walking through your house, all the while having your own private dialogue.

oh, by they way:
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Self Taught Artist said...

i can't believe I screwed the hyperlink we go again.