Monday, May 21, 2007

I grew up Catholic but I'm not a religious person. It's very rare that I go to church- only when I have to such as weddings. This weekend my nephew had his first communion and so off to church I went. K- stayed home to man (woman?) the open house.

I was amazed at how many college students were at the service. Aren't college students supposed to pull away from organized religion and then come groveling back with their tail between their legs when they have kids? Apparently that isn't how it works these days because the church was lousy with them.

The other shocking thing is that I've apparently become my mother. As I said, I don't go to church but I am quick to judge people who do go to church dressed in jeans and flip flops. I remember arguing with my mom when I was a teenager about this. "It doesn't matter how people dress- that just shows what bullshit* it is" You know what 'know-it-alls' idiotic teenagers can be. I have become old, stoggy and judgemental- Sweet!

*If I ever actually said 'bullshit'to my mom she would smack the BS right out of me

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Lucy said...

i happen to feel exactly the same way. Not very religious although raised Catholic, And I always feel your should dress respectfully when you do attend. I wanted to comment on your Masks post but couldn't. not to be redundant, but again I couldn't agree more, nice bloggin'! :)