Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've been tagged to mention 7 random things about myself. That's easy- in fact everything I write is random stuff about me. Harder will be sending this tag to 7 bloggers. I don't think I know 7 bloggers to "tag" so I thought I might send it to 7 completely random blogs. I will have to consider who to send this to but here are 7 compleyely random things about me.

1. When I was a child my sister, little brother and I always had a contest called "Who can make the sharpest pointy” A pointy is made by using the end of your pillowcase, preferably very well starched, and folding a section, about 2 inches into a point like a paper airplane. It felt really good to run this ‘pointy’ along your arm or your upper lip- it tickled. I’m 43, I still do this in my sleep (to be truthful I also do it when I'm awake.

2. I stopped drinking at 33 and have never had an alcoholic drink since – except once, when a Thai restaurant put hard lemonade in my ice tea.- I don’t know what hard lemonade is.

3. My parents, to punish me for bad grades, wouldn’t let me get my license at 16. By 18 they were begging me to take the test.

4. Everyone seems to love the “Mona Lisa” -it’s considered a masterpiece. I don’t know what makes the “Mona Lisa” any better than the painting of the dogs playing poker.

5. I fell in love (from afar) with a girl named Jackie LeBlanc in the 7th grade- she had a crooked nose.

6. I took 5 years of Latin in High School- I can’t speak Latin.

7. When I was in grade school I saw a boy in my class get hit by a car as he walked home. His mom came running down the street screaming and crying. Even though his legs were turned around backwards he said “Don’t cry, mom” I’ll never forget that.


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate that? People ask you to "Write 10 Special Things About Yourself," or "Name 7 Random Facts About Yourself," or even "What are 3 Things No One Knows About You?"

How are we supposed to know what's random, or special, or unknown about ourselves? We've been around ourselves so long everything is...well, it just IS.

Misplaced said...

That may be true but get ready because you are one of the few bloggers I know that hasn't been tagged with this question (glad to see your back). Simon Chase, you may want to think about these questions also

Self Taught Artist said...

I hate it too penelope, but sometimes I try to get into the damn spirit of the stupid things in life.
I'm just mad cuz misplaced and another person I tagged actually wrote good shit.
Misplaced, that was awesomely entertaining. I like the 'pointy' thing the best...so wierd.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Paula sent me here. Your "7 things" are a hoot. Thanks. I decided to accentuate the negative, "DON'T", in that directive.
By the way, it's easy to feel misplaced in the midwest even if that's where you were born.

Aralena said...

you turned a banal tag into an evocative, real post. seriously, those mini-portraits of a moment were more thoughtful than what some people manage to write in a book.

Lucy said...

omg I just Loved your 7 things. did you read mine? talk about lame,I couldn't think of a single thing! I so agree with u about paintings ( eye of the beholder is so true) Loved the pointy! The last one was so sad but so true, no matter how much pain your in, seeing someone you love in pain is much, much worse.