Thursday, May 17, 2007

My foray into public transportation ended as soon as it had begun. The thing about a Midwestern city that doesn't have a really good public transportation is that the people who actually take it generally are poor and don't smell very good. (This isn't actually true but in my mind I want it to be)

My brother called me last night and said, "I hear you're taking the bus- you can use my truck until it sells, if you want"

I thought about the friends I made on the bus (that one day I actually took it), the laughter, the tears, the little pieces of ourselves that we shared and said, "Hell to the yea!- I'll catch you suckas on the flip side!"

Update: 5 minutes later
My boss walked in, saw the truck and bought it.- damn, I'm back to mixing with the unwashed masses. What's up with people buying vehicles all willy nilly?

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