Saturday, May 19, 2007

It is not only eerily quiet in the world of blogs (at least mine) but also in my house. No one arrived to our open house today. It was like a Mary Tyler Moore party, except we couldn't even get a drunk Lou Grant to visit. I suppose its important to keep good thoughts but the house needs to sell for us to move to Paris and we are hitting the T minus 2 months mark (I don't even know what that means but we are leaving in August if that helps).

The nice thing about an open house is that you have to stay home and you can't make a mess- that leaves me with nothing to do but study french. I have a very bad feeling about grasping this language and part of me doesn't care. I've come to the point that if I can't ask for it in french then I will probably need to do without it. This includes clothes, food (other than that to which I can point) and any personal hygiene products. I will be very skinny, smell bad and wearing last years fashion. Good thing I'm already married and can let myself go.

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Karyn said...

Too funny!

You'll be rockin' the Francais in no time. Get a travel guide with phonetic pronunciations in it; Rick Steve's does a good one for French. Or see if the library has a Muzzy DVD - it's a learning series by the BBC which is phenomenal. I swear to you, I learned more French watching Muzzy than sitting through Madame's third period class for four years.

Bon chance!

Oh - and in France, you do not order "cafe au lait" for your morning coffee... you want "une creme". Otherwise you wind up with a vat of coffee flavoured milk. Just a word to the wise.