Sunday, May 20, 2007

I was getting my daily reading fix from the writers on the right when I came upon an odd comment in one of the blogs. The blogger is a 17 year old girl who is writing about her struggles with being that age as well as some very heavy shit that went down recently. I'm sure most of you read her and have been following her saga. Its an excellent blog.

One commenter has been leaving messages that could be construed as suspect. The last comment he(or so I assume) left is down right creepy. What is the responsibility of a reader to a writer? Is it inappropriate to send an email or leave a public comment suggesting that a line is being crossed? We read each others daily life entries and soon enough we feel apart of each others lives- but are we really? Do we have the same rights and responsibilities to watch each others backs? Add to this confusion the fact that I'm an adult male- is it inappropriate for me to send a note suggesting she use caution with this person?

It's probably too late to bring this up because I sent a note suggesting intuition is something to be followed. Although I wonder if I was out of line in doing so.


Self Taught Artist said...

ah, i wanted to comment on the post below but the comment box wasn't showing.
what if you did a lottery? or something similiar? you know...write an AP, spread it on the internet...that you are accepting $1 for your house and at such and such a date you will pick a winner. It might be outdated, you might need to jazz it up, but thats how you could get publicity and even some extra cash to get to paris. youre creative, suggest people come up with something...who knows??? why be normal NOW?

Anonymous said...

LoL I'm the only one to comment.

I don't think it's out out line to comment. :) I think it's kinda cool.