Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ahhhh the car is gone. I had it washed, filled it with gas and dropped it off to the young Spanish couple that bought it. It feels as though a little weight has been taken off. I am a public transportation guy. Just me and 50 screaming, annoying, acne scarred high schoolers. It will take all of two days before I long for the little weight of my car to be put back on my shoulder

...and if those kids read this blog here's a translation of what I wrote.

Ahhhh tha ride is gone bitch ass nigga. I had it washed, filled it wit gas n dropped it off ta tha young Spanish couple that bought it. It be like a shawty weight done been taken off paper'd up. I am a public transportizzles guy. Jizzust me n 50 pimpin' annoy'n, acne scarred hizzigh bitch. It W-to-tha-izzill takes all of two days before I long fo` tha shawty weight of mah ride ta be put bizzay on mah shoulda now pass the glock Anotha dogg house production..

OK that will be the last time I do that


Self Taught Artist said...

its eerily quiet in blog world isn't it? I hope you dont mind I'm commenting again, I seem to be the only one lately. its spring, everyone is outside swatting at things and digging up the earth or something...
i just want to say congrats on another step checkmarked. thats a big deal and i'm happpy to hear another thing that anchors you to life in the midwest has been released!

Shelby said...

Hi - self taught artist sent me your way .. you've a great blog here.

I commented a second ago on your "household" hint post - too funny.

I'm a wannabe lawyer - sounds like you are already one. Currently accepting (well - hearing) all advice.

take care.. I'll be back often.


Heather Annastasia said...

What up?

Ive been trying to blog less. This is a relapse.

I liked your Falwell comments on LOL.

I wish I had the comfort of believing that he had Hell to look forward to.

Congrats on selling your car.

Misplaced said...

Self Taught- everyone seems to be taking a break from the blogging world- which seems like a nice idea. Regroup and get the creative juices flowing.

Shelby- Thanks for visiting. I'm not a lawyer, but my company is in litigation so much it would pay if I became one. When you become a lawyer- get a client like my company and you will have some great billable hours.

Heather- I've noticed you slowed down in blogging. For others reading: There was a comment on another blog that since Falwell has died, and they always come in threes who will be the other two in the Trifecta of Death? I thought 2. Charlton Heston, 3 Buddy Rich (at first I thought Buddy Guy but it turns out he already died- who knew)

Jenny! said...


Thanks for your comment on BAMF's! I prefer the second rendition of your post...much more urban! You are going to save a shit-ton of money w/o that car!

Shelby said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! OOps and sorry for thinking you are a lawyer - I wouldn't wish that anyone on purpose!!

- and yep I get naysayers all the time and I avoid them as hard as I can (I've successfully ridded - is that a word - of all my friends..well not all, but many).

take care! :)

Anonymous said...

...Dear God, I felt brain cells dying en masse...

Karyn said...

Can I just tell you I bloody damn near choked to death laughing at this.

I didn't understand the translation too much - heck, I couldn't even PRONOUNCE some of it - but sweet merciful crap, did I laugh.

Public transportation is the bane of my existence; I don't know how you do it, but kudos to you, you're a better person than me. (Well, duh.)