Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two converstions before 9:00 AM on Tuesday

1.I told Penny that I was getting tired of the blog and was thinking of hanging it up and she responded “Your goal was to write every day, not write until you lost steam” Don’t you hate know-it-all teenagers...especially when they’re right.

2.Since I sold my cool car I’ve been driving a big old truck to work. As I pulled in today and climbed out of the truck, wearing a flannel shirt I said to my work buddy Ray
“Well, look at me driving a truck and wearing a flannel shirt, after 9 years you all have finally made me a man."

He responded. "You were always a man, we just turned you into a redneck”


m.m.crow said...

kudos to penny. she's right. keep writing. i'd miss if it you stopped. and i especially want to hear about paris when it goes down.

Self Taught Artist said...

frankly, if you dont feel like writing, dont. Whether you keep the blog or not, you can always make another one. If you dont write for a month, when you do my bloglines will alert me and I'll know your back.
shoulds aren't healthy. forcing yourself to do something thinking it will make you better is a tricky thing....sometimes you need a break from something to reorganize inside, sometimes if you aren't motivated it can behoove you...but life is too short doing anything you are bored by or dread. Not everything needs to be public either, if I had to make a complete art piece everyday and post it on my blog I would start to dread it.
besides, its summer (almost) and you have tons to do. give yourself a break, when you are in Paris you will wake up to writing I'm sure of it. And then you can have some exotic sounding blog if you delete this one.