Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We had two people over on Friday night that K- wanted to fix up. I was less enthusiastic but with our fight earlier in the day I thought it best not to make waves. Choose your battles, a wise woman told me.

It turned out to be a wonderful time. K- made a lovely meal, the fire was blazing and the two actually hit it off.

At 10 o'clock they wanted to go to a bar to hear some music- "good", I thought "have a wonderful time" but alas it turns out we are going to go join them in order to keep them 'comfortable'. I'm less interested in keeping them comfortable and more interested in going to bed.

We went to a place called the Gypsy Hut to hear, what turned out to be, an early 20 something punk screaming into the microphone. There seem to be a lot of mutton chops and Russian fur hats. The men looked even stranger. The place was smokey, I quit smoke 2 years ago and find the smell to be atrocious but the act of smoking still looking good. It's a madonna/ whore thing I have going with cigarettes

The next day, while lieing in bed, K- is talking to her girlfriend, finding out how the rest of the night went. There was a lot of chatter and laughing as I attempted to sleep.

"I'm so glad you like him" K-said into the phone. "Was it a long kiss good night or a quick kiss? Ooooh, I love the long kiss good night. The first six months will be great! but after that..."

The first six months! They just went on their first date last night and already these two had mapped out the first 6 months and of course the slow demise of romance after that. That poor bastard doesn't have stand chance.

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