Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I began level two of my French class last night. I have to admit its pretty disheartening. I certainly don't expect to speak even remotely well at this point but I can't see ever being able to communicate on even a basic level. I've always considered myself a patient person but when it comes to my ability to learn I have never been patient or optimistic. I think I would be diagnosed with a learning disability if I were in school now. It just means I need to work a little harder than the others and I'm ok with that (actually I'm not ok with that but I'm trying to be more positive, New Years resolution and shit).

Its so easy for me to psych myself out of attaining a goal. On my first day of French class, my teacher said that 'learning French has always been considered difficult, that is not true. That is a myth.' I don't know if what she said was true or not but I appreciated her smashing our (my) preconceived notions. If you think French is too hard to learn then it will be. Self-fulfilling prophecy is such a bitch.

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