Friday, January 12, 2007

I have admitted my hidden delight in global warming- being of course a little facetious. There is a touchy subject that I'm not too keen on discussing. I believe the execution of Saddam Hussein was a disgrace.

He was hung for genocide- the killing of 148 Shiites. Was he a murderer? Probably- but then again if government official can be executed for murders committed in the name of their country, God, etc most official would be up on the gallows(think Bush here).

I believe, and I have no numbers to back this up, that most American think that Saddam Hussien was responsile for 9/11 and therefore deserved to day. I think that most Americans don't give a flying fuck about the 148 shiites.

The secret shame for today (being Catholic I have many) is that as Saddam stood with a noose around his neck and his executioners taunting him, I felt sorry for him. It is a sorry state indeed when they can actually make you feel sorry for a man like Saddam Hussein.

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