Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Kiss

I fell in love 3 years ago.

I saw this woman at a function and was absolutely smitten. She, of course, was dating a fine looking man and they appeared happy but that didn't stop me from admiring her from afar.

We had mutual friends and would see each other upon occasion, at parties, coffee houses etc. When she and her boyfriend broke up I could not get the nerve to ask her out. She was just too beautiful and funny.

One evening we met with a few people at a restaurant. She and I spoke the entire evening. There is that moment, at the end of the evening, when you are certain that there is mutual attraction. I walked her to her car, I was nervous but was determined to kiss her at least on the cheek. As I bent in to kiss her she did the same but somehow our arms got interlaced in a weird manner, I went to kiss her cheek and she went for my lips. The bottom line is that are first kiss resembled more of a head lock than anything romantic.

We were married two years later. We kissed on the beach of Cape Cod to seal our union. A perfect, loving kiss.


Anonymous said...

The first one is rarely anything more than an awkward approach and a fleeting bump of lips.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Very romantic story. The first kiss is so often awkward...

mindy said...

this post is my favorite b/c not too long ago i had a similar date that ended in the same feeling--mutual attraction and all, but instead w/a (much too) hasty peck on the lips. & now nothing.
=( anyways, was thinking about that today and had to find it and read it again and write this comment. i will never understand men, i guess.

Misplaced said...

Men are stupid. He might be a bit nervous of rejection. Ask him out, if he says no then kick him in the shins and call him a dirty name.