Saturday, January 27, 2007

K- is traveling to Portland with her mother to homestead this weekend. I don't know if you would call it "homesteading" but that's what it seems like. K-'s mom is ready for a change of scenery- a lifetime in the midwest is too much. K- has always wanted to move. The only thing keeping her in our little corner of the world is her mom. So together they have loaded up the mules to scout out land in the west. This my impression of how much say I'll have in this whole thing.

K-: We are back from our scouting expedition. The land is fertile and so am I. Pack your bags we are moving to Portland.
MidWest: but....
K-: I don't see bags a'packin'. Get a move on- we're burning daylight
Midwest: Ok.

It may be fun to make a move. But first- we will live in Paris for 1 year starting in August.


Anonymous said...

When K comes back, ask her how many cars had bumper stickers that said "Keep Portland Wierd!" It's like the city motto.

artist said...

sounds like life is going to change for the better. I was born in Illinois, left when I was 19 and went to Arizona. Stayed there 20 some years and a few years ago got rid of everything to go on the road. I became an artist...and I am struggling like hell to make it but at least I dove into the waters and got out of my rut of a life.
I wish you the best if you go to Paris to write...when we finally have the courage to forego looking at the safety net we built that surrounds and traps us, to break out of that net and do what calls to us, then we get to LIVE.
And yet, its hard. But at least you don't wonder what if....
You are a talented writer and have one of the more solid and true blogs I have ever come across.

GoGo said...

:). I'm moving to London in August, knock on wood and too am kinda stuck in the midwest for now. I look forward to reading your and K's journey to Paris and beyond.

good luck.