Saturday, September 01, 2007

As you probably know I have a penchant for manbags. My 9 year old nephew has a penchant for calling them purses.
"Oh, Uncle Matt, where's your purse?" He'll ask, innocently.
"It's not a purse, it's a man-bag" I explain patiently.
"Hmmmm, no... it's definately a purse" He says scratching his chin.
I then hold him out the 3rd floor window by his feet and scream "IT'S A MAN-BAG, DAMN YOU!!!!

Last night he and his family came over for dinner and he confessed that, being in Paris, he is now interested in getting a man-bag although I guess it should be called a boy-bag.

"Really" I said, "You want a purse? Hmmm isn't that interesting"

I should probably be embarrassed to gloat in winning this ongoing battle after all he's 9 and I'm 43 but a victory is a victory.

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Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

gotta teach them young