Thursday, September 06, 2007

So many readers, so few comments.

We are fast approaching 6,000 visits and I feel like I'm doing all the talking. Say hello. Plug your own writing. If you're shy leave an anonymous comment.

Come on -this will be fun (or it may just be a cheap way to get out of writing a post today).


Anonymous said...


(ok that was me but I know that no one wants to be first.)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the blog, ParisDailyPhoto? Thought you might enjoy it.

~Michelle~ said...

Hello from Michelle in Northern California (Bay Area).

I like to travel, read and drink espresso, although not all at the same time. That would be weird.


LDP said...

Okay, here's something -- did you read this article about how the Lizard King really died? I'm not sure if this increases or decreases the value of the elusive bathtub.

Also, suitably impressed by your example, I started a blog. Go easy on me.

Karyn said...

Um... so. I leave comments all the time. I love your life and I'm not too keen on mine at the moment.

New England coastline here.

Freelance writer, two darling (evil) children, at least one ulcer.

carl samson said...


I think we may have met once in that Paris of the midwest - yes, that's right, Cincinnati. I'm a friend of your bro's, and thoroughly enjoying your blogs.

I'm an artiste/peintre who dreams of one day hauling the family off to Paris much like y'all (you might try 'y'all' in your conversations with english speaking Parisiennes). Visited many times before, but never the luxury of time that you are enjoying. Live it up while you can. The opportunity may not roll your way again for a while.