Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kelly is under the weather but managed to brave a trip out to Rodin’s house in Meudon. We were the first ones in which, my sister-in-law felt, entitled us to eat the figs from Rodin’s fig tree- I immediately called the guards and she was subdued and order restored. The house is very nice- the largest room on the first floor next to the dining room and living room is his studio. If you are wondering why there is a bed frame in the studio you aren’t alone. He used it to keep his dogs from knocking over the sculptures he was working on.

He is buried in front of his famous statue, “The Thinker”. Strangely, there is an old photograph showing that a pond was once there. It would appear that he was placed in the pond and covered over. They should have put a bed frame around the grave to keep the dogs from digging him up.

The museum is a large open room with plasters casts of his famous works. I hadn’t seen this one before it was from his little-known “trying to make the rent” period.

It was definitely a worthwhile trip, Meudon is outside Paris so it had very few people other than hard-core Rodin fans- there were no “Da Vinci Code” people there.


diablo said...

If that piece is from his "Gates of Hell" then I'm going.

Karyn said...

Holy crap, that was funny.

I don't know I'd want to be buried under The Thinker. Smug thinking bastard, watching me rot.


sarala said...

I tried to leave a comment but I think I messed up. Bear with me if it is a duplicate.
I lived in Meudon during the 6 months I studied in Paris (in the 80's). I boarded in a drafty old house that looked like a small chateau. Living in the "banlieux" was nowhere near as cool as saying you lived in Paris.
I never saw the Rodin house. I wonder if it was open to the public back then.