Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm obsessed with Sitemeter- which tells me how many times people have accessed my blog. How many times you ask?.... over 6,000. I view my count daily, it is a sickness.

I was reading a woman's blog which I enjoy a great deal. I love what she has to say- if we lived near each other I suspect we would be friends, but I can never be friends with women. I'm far too good looking. My hair is really excellent and they always want more from me than I can give. It's the curse of beauty- I envy ugly people- I really do. I pray- "Please God- mar my perfection" but he doesn't he only makes my hair that much more luxurious.

Anyway noticed that that this woman had 13,000 hits. I thought to myself, "What a bitch" Sitemeter is my cross to bear...well that and my incredible beauty.


self taught artist said...

you do know that unless you click ignore my browser whatever and ip address that everytime you look at your blog YOU count yeah? and that everytime you clean your cookies you have to go back and to that shit all over again....and that lots of people find our blogs just by hitting the button above that says 'next'.
not that you don't really have that many fans and visitors.....

Simon Chase said...

I've often wondered about what self taught said. My blog has a fairly inconsistent readership (likely due to my inconsistent posting), with only like 1100 views since February. If you take out all of my own hits where I check to see who's looked at my blog and when, then I might have oh, say 23 or so legitimate hits. Maybe 24.

by the way, my post verification words is yrrbl. Isn't that the Polish word for Gerbil?

Misplaced said...

Actually the site meter I use doesn't count me or any blood relatives that feel like they have to read it. It only counts people who have actively searched for the blog - it then takes the final count and divides by 2 so you don't get too pleased with yourself.

It costs a little more but I think it's worth it.

Karyn said...

Oh wait. You forgot that you're an admittedly reluctant homeowner, living in Paris with a hot wife and a writing career.

How do you manage? Keep the faith, kid.