Sunday, September 02, 2007

The asphalt covers the tree roots like skin stretched over veins.

Three different eras of street signs- note: the original name was changed. George Orwell lived around the corner on Pot de Fler. His experience would later be captured in “Down and Out in London and Paris”

This Roman Arena (Arenes de Lutece) dates from the 2nd Century and sacked in the 3rd Century. It was forgotten as it gradually filled in. The Arena was rediscovered in 1869 during the construction of rue Monge. Victor Hugo was one of the folks who campaigned to preserve it. While I sat here it was used for a kids pick-up soccer game and a loud game of bocciball instead of the once gruesome gladiator fights- which is a shame because without TV I feel I’m being deprived of gratuitous violence.

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