Friday, September 14, 2007

Last night I watched the kids. While Q learned how to play backgammon on the computer M- and I danced around the large living room to Feist. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

The writing has been going relatively well- Wednesday was a low productivity day but Thursday I bounced back and wrote 2,000 words. I received an email from a friend, Balloon Bill, which is how I identify him when Kelly asks, “Bill who?” Otherwise there would be confusion as to whether I was talking about Wild Bill Hickock or the lonely little scrap of paper on Capital Hill that wants to be a law. Actually “Blimp Bill” would be a better moniker as he is a pilot (eer?) of blimps and not a maker of balloon animals – I digress.

The subject of the last email was attempting to find your voice when writing. It was a timely email- I was uncomfortable with the writing I was doing- it seemed pretentious and took itself far too seriously. As I wrote yesterday I lightened it up a great deal and while it may not be any better, it was considerably more fun to write. Thanks Balloon Bill, I truly believe that you will one day be a law -at least I hope and pray that you will.

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