Friday, September 14, 2007

Alexandre, from somewhere in Southern France, has solved the mystery of the photograph. As you will recall I photographed a guy simply because everyone else was photographing him. I assumed he was a soccer player because his head was shaved and he was wearing a jersey- I assumed the black guy was his body guard because... well I must be a stereotyping racist jerk- anyway it turns out that they are Omar and Fred of French television fame. I, of course, wouldn't know this because Britney, Paris, and Lindsay have all of my celebrity love and there is no more room in my heart for the likes of Omar and Fred.

Thank you Alexandre. You win a week long visit from Kelly and I in your beautiful apartment in Southern France. You will, unfortunately, have to vacate the apartment for the week as I am unable to use the bathroom around strangers- thanks for playing and we'll see you about 3 o'clock some morning when you least expect it.

(Doesn't Fred seem to be looking at me as though I'm violating the restraining order?- I am clearly 50' away from him- big baby!)

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LDP said...

I hear they're the French Cagney and Lacey.