Monday, September 03, 2007

This is the apartment across the street from our place. The windows are full sized, from floor to ceiling. It is not my intention to be a Peeping Tom but each of those windows are like television screens- odd, boring dramas being played out. It is the original multi-channeled cable television. The metal screens are pulled down when they have completed another broadcast day.

We particularly like the show about the French guy that sticks his head out of the TV screen and smokes. He is always in a tank top and black boxers. I wonder if he goes to work, but he probably wonders the same thing about me. I star in a show about a guy who writes at his kitchen table. During sweeps week Kelly walks across the apartment scantily clad. Our ratings are ok.


self taught artist said...

you write little
but it's jam packed
i loved this
that was my word verification
today. for some reason I felt
like sharing it

William Comparetto said...

Windows on the world.

...and my verification was 'ssure'