Friday, August 31, 2007

Today is the anniversary of Lady Diana’s death. I walked by the "Flame of Liberty", which has become the symbol for her death because it is located at the entrance of the underpass where she died.

I don’t mean to sound heartless but what’s all the fuss about? She and her boyfriend died speeding through the streets of Paris trying to out run photographers. While it is a shame that they died it would have been more of a tragedy if they had killed anyone who happened to be near them while they were driving like idiots. I seem to remember everyone blaming the photographers and then the driver- what a load of crap. They died because they were self-centered, selfish and felt an entitlement to speed through the streets of Paris with complete disregard for anyone but themselves. Let’s face it, we only care about Diana because she was relatively attractive(in an 80's, hair feathered way).

Next week will be the 10-year anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. Can you imaging the mourning that would be going on if she had been a babe?


Louis said...

Who says Mother Teresa wasn't a babe?

Shari said...

Every time I'm in Paris, I take a taxi ride through the Alma tunnel.