Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We took a long walk through the 6th arrondisement. As we walked by St Germain Des Pres there was a crowed gathering and photographing this guy (in the blue sweat suit). Not to be out done I also took a picture. Anyone know who it is? It might be a soccer player- Steve O I need your help on this one.


Louis said...

Is it Zinedine Zidane? He was a great soccer player who was part of the French team that lost to Italy in the World Cup final. His career ended ignominiously after he was thrown out of the game for headbutting an Italian player.

Hard to tell from your photo and the Wikipedia one whether it's the same guy. They're both baldies, though.

Misplaced said...

If you click on the picture it enlarges- whoever he is people seemed excited. It is hard ot tell one baldy from another- I don't mean to be a baldist its just a fact.

Simon Chase said...

It's definitely not Zidane or Zizou as his fanbase calls him. Not sure who he is, but he certainly looks like a footballer of some sort.


alexandre said...

It's Omar et Fred (Fred in blue and Omar is the black guy).
They are both actor and humorist.
You can see them on canal+ , and they have a website:

My 2cents.