Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a fun weekend. It’s a treat to think that we can board a train and 1-½ hours later be in a different country. I’m sure it’s easy to take this for granted at some point but we aren’t there yet.

We got in at 4:00 and were met by my brother and his daughter- they herded us back onto the commuter train, which brought us to a bus, which brought us to their house in Brussels. What a gorgeous city. We went into the old town that night and wandered the Grand Place- a beautiful square. I, unfortunately, did not bring my camera and couldn’t give you a good graphic idea about the area. My brother has an intense interest in history and the essence of a place- along with a very enthusiastic teaching style, which was mesmerizing. We also saw the Manneken Pis, which is the unofficial symbol of the city- it is a statue of an urchin boy taking a piss. It suggests a wink and a nudge attitude fro the folks in Brussels about not taking themselves to seriously.

Saturday- I did bring my camera so get ready for an over use of the media.

Flea Market on Jeude Balles- my 8-year-old nephew tried to by a sandwich bag of toy, plastic soldiers- “25 Euros!” yelled the vendor- he wouldn’t budge. This happened again to Kelly- leading my sister-in-law to wonder if perhaps their money wasn’t made selling other things- less legal.

Brussels in known for their expert chocolate- serious chocolate lovers would be in heaven. We visited one of the most re-known called Mary’s and another called Pierre Marcolini- where else can you get a $6 chocolate bar- Kelly and I bought 3, because that’s how we roll.

My niece turned 15 years old where we were there- we had a dinner feast that couldn’t be beat. Fondue meat- ever heard of it? Me neither- a small pot of boiling oils is placed on the table- squares of excellent raw meat and skewers- sounds a little odd, I know but it was excellent along with the 7 different sauces to dip in.

Visited with family, learned a little history, beautiful weather for strolling and my niece’s birthday- not a bad way to spend a couple of days.

I saw my first Magpie.

We were reminded of the 70's, for some reason.

We pondered cool transportaion.

and we were reminded that advertsing can be fun.

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