Friday, August 17, 2007

One of my fears in quitting my job and moving to Paris was what would I do all day. I know, I know, It’s Paris but if you’re used to working and having someone else fill p your time how long would it take to get out of that habit? The answer is not very. My days are pretty full. We go to bed later than we used to and sleep until 8:00. Today we had a few errands we had to run. The fun one for me was signing up for the American Library. It costs 200 dollars (American) for a yearlong family membership. There is a huge collection of books, videos, newspapers and magazines. As importantly there are like-minded folks that speak the same language, and it isn’t French. I am very excited about this. Secondly we went to the American University where we met the woman in charge of student affairs. It’s her job to answer questions about living in France, setting up bank accounts, why do the washing machines take so long, etc. etc. She explained that if we want to get something done it was important to flirt. Kelly should deal with the males and I should interface with the females. I suspect I won’t be able to hold up my end of the bargain as my flirting skills leave a lot to be desired. What I consider a seductive, flirty smile others construe as creepy, sex offender, stalker dude. I’ll work on it.

This is a doorway we pass on our way to the library. It’s a great example of Art Nouveau architecture. It’s really amazing that I almost felt guilty carving my name in it along with my gang sign (a flower blowing in the wind while a stick figure smells it)

After our errands were complete we walked to the Place du Trocadero. It’s on the right bank across from the Eiffel Tower. I’ve passed this place many times before but I always assumed it was some non-descript government building. Since I’ve only been in Paris in the off-season I didn’t realize this is quite the hot spot. I’m sure the thousands upon thousands of tourists probably get on the nerves of Parisians but there is such an excitement in the air with all these people. It feels like a constant carnival atmosphere-, which is infectious but not in a gross STD way.

We got back to our apartment at 8:30 and cooked dinner, played with the cat and (intend) to be in bed by midnight. So this entire entry could be summed up in saying that my fears of having nothing to do are not warranted. Everyone should quit their jobs and wander around aimlessly for long periods of time. Of course, I may be singing a different tune when I beg to sleep on your couch at the end of this yearlong experiment.


Demetrius Romanos said...

You know, I've never understood those who wonder what you'd do with well...nothing to do. You know what I'd do? Tons of stuff! I've had plenty a day off or vacation and on not one of them have I ever thought to myself, "gee, I sure am bored. Too bad I'm not at the office".

That my friend is crazy talk!

~Michelle~ said...

Love love LOVE the photo! I've always loved Art Nouveau, Belle Epoch, Art Deco. Not to tip my hand at being, um, blond... but I actually had to take another look at the photo to see if there was a gansta sign. I don't even know why I just admitted that.