Monday, August 20, 2007

I’m making dinner tonight- Quiche Alsatian and salad will be the meal- no problem. It’s a good thing that I have all day because things seem to take longer. I gather all the ingredients at the Monoprix learning several new words.

Crème Fraische- Sour Cream (ish)
Fromage Blanc- Yogurt
Pate Brisee- Pie Crust

I pre-cook the bacon and realize that I have no measuring cups. Set the bacon aside and take the train to BHV after searching forever in my own neighborhood. I buy a whisk, two cheap measuring cups, a set of measuring spoons, a cutting board and a grater. This Quiche Alsatian is getting expensive but I don’t mind spending all this time to complete a relatively simple take- that’s part of what this year is about (I don’t know what that means either but I think its true).

Anyway here’s how it went down.

Pie Crust and bacon. Add 125g of grated Gruyen

Mix the crème Fraiche, Fromage Blanc, 6 eggs salt and pepper and pour on top.

Put in your “Easy Bake Oven” for 40 minutes at 180 C

That was my Monday.


~Michelle~ said...

This looks soooo delicious! I liked shopping at the Monoprix and BHV too! I was just amazed at their eclectic collection of "everything!" I like your progressive photos, anything with bacon is a-ok with me!

Karyn said...

Easy Bake oven - too damn funny!

And that thingy? Looks Yum.

Can i just say - i love your life.

Halley said...

YUM! And I LOVE that wigs on taxidermied animals picture. Brilliant!