Saturday, August 11, 2007

We are living in the 15th with view of the Eiffel Tower from the Balcony, which runs the length of the apartment. Ponette, the formally indoor cat, has cautiously taken to the balcony, keeping low to the ground. She has taken on the toughened attitude of an outdoor alley cat, only to dash inside when a car honks

Kelly likes things organized and neat, Madame Denise decidedly less so. Kelly kicked me out of the apartment to get a long list of cleaning supplies while she moved Madame’s things out of drawers and ours into them. Instead of going immediately to the Monoprix for supplies I went to Café Cambronne for a coffee and to read, the waiter was pleasant so I’ll probably never go to another café again. The weather is schizophrenic, it’s chilly but then it feels warm. Watching the people pass the café some are dressed in heavy coats and some are in shorts- I‘m guessing the more knowledgeable layer their clothing. I’m content with a cup of coffee and watching the people walk passed.

We are still both jetlagged and feeling very foreign in our new surroundings. Moving from a house to a 3-room apartment will take some getting used to, as will having trouble completing very ordinary tasks. I mentioned that I might have caused a little electrical problem when I plugged in the Ipod Speakers- easily enough fixed in my house but difficult in a foreign country- where is the fuse box? What do I don once I locate the fuse box. After locating it, and translating the locations of each fuse I was still unable to resolve the problem. After hours of annoyance a downstairs neighbor called an electrician for us who will resolve the issue Monday. Another neighbor told us that we could use her stove for cooking until the problem is fixed. As I’ve mentioned in past posts I’m not seeing the rudeness that Parisians are reputed to have.

Today we are going to the market to shop for today and tomorrow. There is a free, outdoor movie playing somewhere in Paris tonight and we are going to a much needed meeting.

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