Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday morning we got up early and walked to the bird market, Marche aux Oiseaux, on the Ile de la Cite. All sorts of birdy critters were there as well as rabbits, chipmunk (perhaps the least loving pet you could own) and hamster. We also went to a pet store to check out the $1,500 kittens and $3,000 puppies. At that costs they better be able to clean up after themselves. It was an aimless stroll, the kind I like.

Everything is a little quieter and less crowded in August, many people leave the city for the month. It feels as thought there are only tourists walking the streets. Having lived in Paris for 4 days I feel I’ve earned the right to complain about the tourists. “God Damned tourists are ruining this city!” I said to Kelly just the other day as I adjusted my beret and tucked in my ‘Chat Noir’ t-shirt.

We decided to get a little dressed up for Sunday, on the off chance that we might go to church, which didn’t happen. But we did sit at Notre Dame, obviously a beautiful building, but what’s strange is that it is more enjoyable looking at the people who are looking at the church- so we did that.

Kelly does the dress up better than I and is able to walk long distances in these kick ass boots.


Simon Chase said...

you guys look tres fantastique! Sounds like things are going well and we cant wait to see you in a couple of months!

Karyn said...

Oh holy hell, you're both fabulous AND you live in Paris AND Kelly not only HAS kick-ass boots but she can actually walk around in them without doing some lunatic windmilling flailing dance like an epileptic on rollerskates.

Not that I know anyone like that or anything.