Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quite a day. I’m not certain how best to describe it. Perhaps with pictures would be best. Let’s try shall we?

K and I were a little tense yesterday with each other. This, of course, comes from spending every moment together for the past 1 ½ weeks. I had to pull a weapon at one point but I think we are ok. Saturday in Paris, what’s to do? We walked down to the Marais with every intention of going to a museum, but it was too lovely out.

We walked to the Pompidou Center and admired the beautiful people and sculptures.

We continued our walk and watch the people along the Seine play bocci ball or maybe bowling- I don’t know which. I’m certain it isn’t cornhole. (For those not from my corner of the Midwest, don’t ask)

We went here to drink café lattes but found it wasn’t as pleasant as it looked from afar.

We listened to some street jazz and didn’t put money in the basket. Music sounds sweeter when it has been stolen.

I spotted a pirate and thought to myself “Aaaaarg there’s a scurvey fellow”

We passed Notre Dame but didn’t linger.

We looked at books but did not buy.

We went to a special meeting (no photo available- very anonymous)

We walked to the Champs Elysees and enjoyed a movie.

10 hours later we were back at home. I’ve been reading “The Name of The Rose” by Umberto Eco but fell asleep before I could finish a page.


Karyn said...

Given that you saw the Potter film... is that a knife you pull in the top photo, or a wand?

Paris. can you even believe you live in PARIS?

Misplaced said...


Trust me that's a knife. I think I know understand your last few posts....very tense.