Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another beautiful day. We woke up relatively early had a coffee and croissant. We met Madam Chemel last night. She came up to our apartment to introduce herself. Very nice woman- She isn’t sick or a doctor so, as it turns out, we don’t really know anything about her.

We took the train to the 19th arrondissement and walked around a park called Buttes Chaumont. One of Kelly’s advisers suggested that might be a cool place to look for an apartment. The park was nice but the buildings were uninteresting, at least the ones we saw.

We walked to her second suggestion, which was in the 10th. I wrote about this area the last time were in Paris. I was much more impressed with it this time around. The St. Martin Canal is very nice and there seems to be a pretty diverse crowd.

While we had lunch on the Plaza Du Colonel Fabien between the 10th and the 19th, I saw an odd thing, which I’m hesitant to even write about because no matter how factually I state this observation I’ll come off looking like a jerk, but anyway here goes. There where hundreds of midgets walking around this Plaza. I noticed this last time. They were everywhere- little people with little, tiny legs and tiny, little sausage fingers. In truth there weren’t hundreds but there were about five and, technically, they probably aren’t considered midget-s but only technically. I’m wondering if there isn’t some kind of institute around here somewhere, which studies these little people, their habits and ways. What do these little people eat? What are their courtship rituals. Are these rituals ever videotaped and sold at a profit? This may be my calling. Perhaps it is my destiny to be the Jane Goodall of the lost Colonel Fabien little people tribe.


self taught artist said...

i love how ballsy you are, you shouldn't say things like that but you do it anyways.

Louis said...

I'm pretty sure you've been beaten to the punch on the videotaping idea.

And, by the way, being rather sausage-fingered myself, I must say I am offended by your post.