Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a lovely weekend it has been so far. My friend down the street had an art opening. We beat out three other people to buy a piece K- has had her eye on. You can check out his paintings on his new site Atelier/ Romanos. Another favorite is the Space Bee series one of which is shown on his site- we have one of these as well- I'll post the painting later this week. The opening was great- just a lot of fun people, wonderful paintings in a nice spot- very good energy.

One conversation I overheard-
Woman: Wow I think I slept with most of the guys over in that corner.
Her Boyfriend: We should call my friend Will, you haven't slept with him...yet.
*This is the painting we bought.

Saturday Day: We spent the day getting the house ready to sell. Much cleaning, photos, and trying to get a nice brochure together to give the illusion that the house is worth every penny we are asking.

Saturday night, walking down the main drag I run into Busker playing harmonica with several musicians.
Busker: Hey, I've been reading your blog.
Misplaced: Yea? What do you think?
Busker: It's very...bloggy.
1 hour later
Misplaced to self:" What the fuck does that mean?


Anonymous said...

busker talks back.

i identify myself as a writer. yes, i busk, but more because it gets me out of writing, out of my head, and into sound and observation. when i'm playing harmonica on the street, i'm watching, listening, and evolving.

bloggy writing is surely journal writing with an idea of an audience. but, it has no filter like an editor, or a jury. it has no expense for publication, just for infrastructure. it has an "in" quality. it is necessarily a trend. a lot of good writing, personal growth, discovery, vision, and passion comes out of bloggy expressions. what i like about writing is when it dances. like the note in the single hole of a harmonica that divides and multiplies. if you've never mastered it, or come close, it's hard to identify. a melody can emerge from a single breathing pattern on two reeds, back and forth finding many notes bending the tones with the flow of air and shape of the inside of the mouth. blues. hard to describe. yeah, you can get technical, but until you've worn out some shoes, and worked for years to amass a true collection of working know the one liner?? what is the wikipedia definition of an optimist? "A HARMONICA PLAYER WITH AN AGENT!" it's funny that bloggy writing isn't more studied. soon people will have degrees in blog! the world will blog more clearly in the later days of spring. as always, bloggers and buskers need one another. i say, "bloggers and buskers unite in seeking honest audiences."

Panic in New York said...

Busker Obscura, Blogger Obtusca

Anonymous said...

Good one dad- Quinn

Self Taught Artist said...

i hope you dont mind i asked you to leave some thoughts on that artsocket forum. no one else did so i guess i might delete my blog and move to burma afer all.