Sunday, March 11, 2007

I’m sorry about the lack of posts I’ve had a terrible time getting on-line and getting blogger to do what I want it to.

Thursday March 9, 2007
5:50 PM

It’s neither here nor there but K- has given away all the girl scout cookies I bought. I had stock piled enough to last me until the next sales drive. We’ve been married a little over a year; I guess the honeymoon s over.

I intend to write about every mundane thing that happens on this trip- and where better to discuss mundane items than the airport. We ran into P. J. at the airport, she was working one of the counters. After speaking to her for a while she reached into her Delta drawer, I thought she might be pulling out an upgrade to business, instead she handed us a stack of complimentary drink tickets. Why she thought we might want 18 free beers is unclear but we thanked her. Since neither K- nor I drink you may think this is a wasted gesture… but free drink tickets on an 8-hour flight is cold hard currency. Our fellow travelers will be our prison bitches by the end of this flight-sweet.

Friday 2:15 AM
Somewhere over the Eastern US

Miscellaneous flight information: Flight attendant would NOT give the guy in the cowboy hat an empty cup because “I know what you’ll do with it” I was intrigued but it just turned out she knew he would use it for spittin’ tobacco. Smokeless tobacco has been banned from flights for 5 years, did you know that? Of course you didn’t because you aren’t a red neck. She left, he turned to his friend and said, “like I aint gong to be chewing”

Hs friend commented that they had a 9 hour lay over in aris, some across the aisle said it would be a chance to check out the city, he responded “I fuckinging hate Paris”- so there you have it. These are just two of the people representing America. Yea Team!

Hints for the airplane: Buy the adapter to convert your iPod headphones into the movie headphones.

Kelly and I slept 5 hours thanks to Dr. Swing’s natural sleep aid. I believe this is the first time I’ve gotten solid sleep on a plain.

Guys that wear baseball caps on the plane look silly
Girls that wear sweat pants with writing on the ass look as silly even if they do ‘Love Pink”

Friday 12:15 PM

It can’t get any easier than this. We landed early, we breezed through customs, our luggage was waiting for us was we entered the baggage area. The RER at 8 Euros apiece brought us to Gare du Nord where we switched to the metro line- took the #4 (purple line) got off at St. Germain des-Pres. It was all quick and painless- a rarity.

We met Stephanie Palmer at the apartment in St. Germain des-Pres. Her mother purchased the place when she was 18 for a song. It’s perfect. She has a place that she thinks will come available next year in the 7eme. We are having a problem connecting to the Internet but she assures us that she will have it figured out.

Friday 11:45 PM: We just got back from very long walk. The streets are jammed with people around St Michael- in the dark people are still photographing Notre Dame. We had a late dinner at la crepe rit du clown, just a few doors down from out apartment. Crepe entre and chocolate crepe for desert is a bit much- a strong café helped us through the first sleepy day here. The weather is chilly- a sudden rain and then it clears again. We are having trouble with the wireless network, which we are hoping will be resolved by Saturday. We’d rather these posts be somewhat more timely but that hasn’t happened just yet.

We are both tired and our legs our sore, but we did well our first day here.


We slept in until 10:00- and moved very slowly. I went out for a stroll with Sexual Chocolate looking to tap into someone’s WiFi- I was finally able to on a bench about a half a mile from the Deux Magots- thank you to the Thomas family, whoever you are.

We had heard the 10th might be a nice place to live so we went there first. Most people, myself included , know this area from the movie, Amelie- this is where she skipped stones in the St Martin Canal- I liked the area very much, a little more quiet and I would assume a bit more affordable. We took the metro to the Marais and had a Café Crème near the monument to the Bastille- The storming of the Bastille involved several thousand Frenchman attacking 9 people and eventually winning.- I’m sure there’s more to the story but I’m too tired to look it up.

We walked from the Marias to the Tuileries Garden amid a sea of people. The weather is beautiful, 60 degrees and sunny. Everywhere you look are people, people who smoke, people who smoke and look great. Damn these French bastards- its been awhile since I’ve truely wanted to smoke but they make it look good.

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yay! misplaced in paris manages to get sexual chocolate a gig on the invisible waves to write to his ardent the cowboy story. hope you are having a great time!