Friday, March 23, 2007

I have got to rethink a few things.

I have this plan to write a book. The plan does not involve getting the book published, only writing it. I used ot laugh at myself for this goal, if your going to plan why not plan big, plan the publication, the movie rights, the classic status? I can get lost in the dream sometimes- I could easily have an Oscar speech completed before I've ever taken an acting class, so I'm trying to keep it simple. I need to work in baby steps and not lose sight of what is important. What is important is that I'd like to write a complete story that I believe in. I'm beginning to think that an entire book it too much to chew. I will focus on a smaller goal- write a chapter, write a page, write one decent paragraph.

The weather in the Midwest has been beautiful. It was 70 degrees yesterday and I even heard the faint rumblings of a spring thunderstorm. There is nothing I like more than thunder that rattles the windows- it makes me feel safe and secure in my house to hear all hell breaking loose outside.

Ponette, the tricolored bitch cat from hell, vomited on me last night while I slept. Actually she threw up on the downcomforter that covered me. When I was naive I would have explained this away as just an unfortunate accident. I even would have picked her up and said, "ohh does my little kiddy widdy have an upset tummy wummy?"- now I know- cats are the vengeful agents of Satan. This is what I remember of the events in question: As I made my way to the bathroom, in the middle of the night, I accidently kicked Ponnette, who was sitting on the floor. She threw up on me after that...coincidence? I think not. Cats are very resentful which is why there are no cats in heaven- that is absolutely true. They go to cat hell where, for all eternity, they try to play with kitty toys that are just out of reach under the couch.

(This is my second post regarding cat vomit -yea team!)


Self Taught Artist said...

don't hate me people, but I dislike cats, they scare me and I think them arrogant evil creatures. I love that you have a cat and can write the things you do even if it creeps me out even more.

Penelope said...

"Cats are the gods' way of making sure we never take ourselves too seriously." (I forget who said that quote)

You can never take yourself too seriously --even if you are great enough to write a book-- if a small furry creature has horked on you in the middle of the night. Think of it as having been showed much affection. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart, she was just pissed we were is Paris for so long:( If it helps any...she threw up in the purple room as well.

sarala said...

My cat usually poops on the carpet after we return from a vacation. She also does this if her litter box isn't clean enough for her. The latter may be instinct. The former is pure spite.
I think we cat-lovers like them precisely because they are nasty and vengeful just like people. No one wants to psychoanalyze a dog. It's an S&M relationship--you beg them to pay attention to you and they turn their backs and walk away. Then they want to cuddle at 4 AM.