Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well, the blogging in Paris did not go as expected. There were three reasons for this, I began to loose interest in writing at the end of each day, it was a bitch to get Internet connection, and at some point you are given the opportunity to write about it or do it and I opted for the 'doing it'. These, of course, are lame excuses but I'm sticking to them.

One of the WiFi hotspots that I could connect to the Internet was at a bench in front of a sexy lingerie shop and since I did my posting late at night I must have looked like quite a little pervert- banging away on Sexual Chocolate and giggling- it probably made for a disturbing picture (which I could have taken because my new computer does that)

I'm not certain where the French get the reputation of being rude. We met some of the kindest people on this visit and others. There are, of course assholes, but that's to be expected in a big city. It was certainly better than New York. It could be that I'm the asshole- some guy was trying to sell some braided African thread to K- at the base of Sacre Cour- when he didn't listen to her saying 'No!' several times- I told him to "fuck off" which he repeated to me and then he fucked off. We also had one waitress try to get us to give her an additional tip even thought the tip was included which annoyed me, but in retrospect it was pretty minor. I was trying to figure out why I was so pissed about that and I think it was because I realize that when we move there we will be vulnerable to scams, such as incorrect change, tipping, etc. There was some rudeness in waiters as most people have heard about- this bothered K- but I didn't care if waiters are rude or not, as long as the food shows up their opinion of me means little


Anonymous said...

As long as they're not hocking greenies into your food, I guess their opinion means little...

Glad you had fun, although the phrase, "banging away on Sexual Chocolate and giggling" in front of a lingerie shop was a little more vivid than intended, maybe... *blush*

m.m.crow said...

tell us more about it as it all comes back! it's always nice to live vicariously through other people's travels!

Self Taught Artist said...

welcome back
you gonna move?
did ya find a place?
you different? changed? inspired?

sarala said...

I found having a few choice French obscenities very useful in Paris for just the type you mentioned. Someday I really should post some of my Paris stories.