Monday, March 05, 2007

What a lovely weekend we had- at the start it seemed overwhelming. We had dinner plans every night beginning last Wednesday. Other than going out with our friends down the street I'm not a big 'going outer'- Sometimes? yes Every night? no. But we went out with K-s father one night and her high school friends another night and there were threats that we would have to go out with her Grandmother last night but I could handle all of that because there was also a plan of us going out and buying me a Mac notebook. The laptop is all part of the moving to Paris and writing plan. Moving to Paris involves many plans and sub plans and plans of making more plans. I am of the mistaken notion that if I have the very latest and expensive technology it will make me a better writer- I know this is foolish, but it is a belief I can't shake.

Saturday I tried to play it cool with K- "No hurry in going to the Apple store," I say as though I had forgotten the plan, - "I'll work out first -well see if we can squeeze it in today" Inside my head I'm saying "gimme, gimme, gimme, now, now ,now". The plan (or was it a sub plan?) was to buy a Mac Pro. Those are the Silver laptops that Mac makes. They are a lot more expensive but that must mean they are better, right? The woman, Barbara, who was helping us, and with whom I might be having coffee with tonight*. said "No! You do not need the Silver one- you need the Black one which is much less expensive"- I don't deal in gigabytes, googleplex of ram mean nothing to me- I deal better in colors. Silver is very good, Black is not as good but it is cheaper and will suit my needs and White is a little less than black but still better than we can imagine. So I decided on the Black one. With money saved and joy in my heart I caressed my new Black Mac- I've nicknamed it Sexual Chocolate- I understand and accept that there is a creep factor involved with that and I'm ok with that. We were budgeted for a certain dollar amount and we were spending considerable less than than that until... we bought The White Mac for K-, because that's how we roll. (This gives you a good idea of how fiscally irresponsible we are)

Sunday we both spent most of the day loading stuff on our little books. I would gently wipe away imagined fingerprints and specs of dust off my beloved Sexual Chocolate and gently stroke its cover as it slept. Poor Ponette the cat realized she has been replaced -at least momentarily.

*It turns out that Barbara lives near the coffee shop I go to before my Monday French class- and seemed to suggest that she would be there. It should also be noted that she continuously stared at K-'s breasts the 2 hours we were there and then gave us (K-) a student discount. I'm not certain if we inadvertantly whored K- out for that discount, but we will find out tonight. It was a pretty good discount so ...y'know... K- may have to take one for the team.


Self Taught Artist said...

a superfluous comment, I'm just happy you got computers. great story, you made shopping actually sound fun.

Angela in Europe said...

I lust after that computer!

Simon Chase said...

Well now in theory you'll have your own computer to enjoy your own things on!

Darlin' T said...

having just bought a white iPod, i totally get the reference about finger smudges. i seem to be constantly wiping mine down. it's annoying.

also, i am very jealous about your new purchase. i was just telling a friend today that i secretly wish my Dell would die so I could justify buying a new computer.

Misplaced said...

Self Taught: Thanks, it was a fun day.

Angela: You live in Paris, you can't lust after anything I own

Simon: the operative words are "in Theory"

darlin' T: Kill your Dell, make it look like an accident. The iPod with the Mac Book rocks. You will be the coolest hipster in Seattle.