Thursday, March 29, 2007

What a day. Mediation seems to be a common occurrence in my line of work. 2 or more parties feel they’ve been screwed over and want to sue each other. The contract states you have to mediate before you are permitted to sue.

We completed a project 8 years ago, and this year the owner decides they are entitled to compensation for something they feel was faulty. They don’t acknowledge that with 8 years they might have mistreated this item all they know is they want money to the tune of $90,000. Why they are entitled to this money is unclear. We tell them to take a hike, they sue us, we sue them and there little dog too. Six hours later nothing is resolved- mediation, in this instance didn't work.

Sorry about the dull post, but it was that kind of day.

Wait! It wasn't a completely wasted day- I managed to squeeze in a little personal business. I went to the justice center and got my fingerprints taken. If you move to a foreign country you have to have a complete criminal check by the FBI. I suspect the FBI likes to have fingerprints on file as well. Since we will soon loose all our civil rights I figure I might as well give my fingerprints up now and have a locator chip installed behind my ear (not really). I think I wrote in the past my discomfort with the government having my finger prints on file so I wont bore you with that again...maybe I'll try to find the link but I don't recall the post being that good.

It's always an adventure going to the justice center. The last time I was there I was bailing Aaron out for robbing that convenient store(Christ another link is needed). Sex offenders are there registering their new addresses and everyone wants to borrow your phone because "my bitch ain't come to pick me up and she knewed I was gettin' out" When the lady who did the prints asked me why I needed them I said, "because I'm moving to Paris" and she said "Wow, that's refreshing"


Self Taught Artist said...

do you know when ur going? that means your wife is doing the school thing? I'm not sure you ever said after your vacation what you two decided.
can't wait for the 'day you quit your job' story.

m.m.crow said...

i agree with selftaught on the "day you quit your job" thing. but here's my shpeal.
i think the writing you do re: the AA folks/the coffee shop folks/the justice center scene.... you capture something there that really comes through with the written word. i really love hearing about that stuff. i don't know what your plans are for the bulk of your writing but i wanted to put my two cents in about that....