Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Strangely, I am fairly productive at work today even with the imminent trip to Paris. But I was stopped in my tracks with a sudden thought. I am researching some items we will need to provide for an MSD project that is being bid. A few of these items are:

Parshall Flume
Biotrickler Scrubber
Open Channel Flowmeter, Bubbler Type

So, this is the sudden thought I had: What are these things? Why am I researching them? What happened to my plans to become a sociology professor? Wasn't I supposed to be published by now?

That’s all- time to resume my research of Hose Reels- Reelcraft Model 83050.

* By the way, the photo is a picture of the Macho Monster Model 40002-0024-DL. It grinds sewage waste, that's right- shit, it's a shit grinder- I will know more about this than one man should- kill me now.

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Simon Chase said...

I believe I may have disassembled one of those "shit-grinders" and used the larger pipe as an escape route when I was held in the basement of a Turkish freighter some years ago. I'd opt for the larger diameter opening, that 0024 has a 90 degree turn that's a bitch to navigate!