Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cool metro sign. I stared at it for a second before I could place it. Anyone want to venture a guess?
Hint: 28IF (warning the hint my be trickier than the puzzle)


Simon Chase said...

abby road?

Misplaced said...

They guy from England is correct. The Beatles crossing Abbey Road- Album cover. The hint :28IF was the license plate number on the car.

I think no one else played along because no one else reads the blog or they knew there were no gifts for winning.

Congratulations Mr Chase, you are a winner!!!!

Self Taught Artist said...

I didn't play because I just stared at it not knowing what to even think. It was like some story problem and that left my mouth hanging open and my eyes glazed. I'm a cultural idiot.
and you have loads of blog readers...LOADS I say!