Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm sure that everyone who has ever sold a house has the same regrets.

K- and I started getting the house ready to sell. I looked at the house with new eyes- one closet I had never completed needs to be patched and painted- the storm door on the front door needs to be removed and the front door painted. Basically all the little things that have been put off need to be completed and once they are I will ask myself, why didn't I do this a few years ago so I could enjoy it.

Kelly did a major spring cleaning on the house. In fact the cleaning was so intense and thorough that when she got out of bed this morning she stepped in Ponette vomit. Our little spawn of Satan doesn't like it when the house is cleaned and the cleaner is punished to the full extent of 'kitty law'.

The sign is up, and the house is officially "For Sale".


m.m.crow said...

not going to rent it out to someone? so you have a place to come back to? are you ever planning on moving back?

Misplaced said...

We both thought it would be better to sell the house. I bought it and rehabbed it when I was single- When K- and I were married 1 1/2 years ago) I think she felt as though she moved into my house instead of our house. Also we want to see if our marriage is strong enough to survive rehabbing a house together (just kidding- is any marriage that strong?)

I't an excitimg, scaring time I feel very alive.

...and of course ther eis no turning back when the house is sold.

Self Taught Artist said...

I think you both are brave people. Its really cool you are sharing this stuff.