Monday, April 23, 2007

I think we all start blogging for very similar reason. We have something we need to express and our work-a-day roles do not allow for that expression. I began blogging specifically to practise writing- 5 days a week I need to post something. It can be good or bad, and I think you can attest there have been some badly thought out posts, but post I must. I figure its good exercise and something might spark my imagination for a story. The Bones writing did that as did the current video store posts. The video store posts were not at all well received but I liked them, in fact, I giggled like a school girl as I they were written.

There is a danger in blogging and it is possible to lose sight of the pure objectives. Once I added site meter I began viewing how many people were reading my blog. That then became more important then practicing my writing. Always tracking the numbers- that , of course leads to blog roll comparison. I'm shocked at how quickly I can become a resentful, petty person. I'll add someone to my blog roll- that's the list of the blogs I read as shown on the right hand side of the page but if they don't reciprocate I think, "What's up with that shit? Where's the blog love?" Again, the pure objectives get lost and need to be re-found. I think that when the reason for writing gets muddles the writing itself gets muddles and lost.

I am too easily distracted. The number of hits on my site does not matter, adding someone to your blog roll specially to have them add you to yours is just plain creepy and that's not the kind of person I want to be. The blogs I list, I list because I enjoy them, that's all.

Now go out there and tell your friends to visit my little site so I can get those numbers up.


Self Taught Artist said...

I liked this post for many reasons..been there done that with the stat obsessive compulsive looking only to realize free stat counters dont tell you the whole story. I have had 3 stat counters at once and they all show different stats.
I know you are probably joking about getting more visitors, but I have always wanted to suggest a few things then didn't cuz I thought you didn't care or it was too much of a bother.

1) get an RSS feed button (those orange chickelts you see on sites)and maybe add one or two chicklets that allow people to add your feed quickly and easily.

2) join technorati, put in keywords for your site and add their chicklet to your site..once you have done that and written a post find the 'ping us' button and ping them. (once is enough, they'll get you automatically after awhile)

3) join another blog directory like blog explosion or blogflux

4) REAL IMPORTANT...get a google account if you dont have one, go to google and type in 'ping google' and the very first one that shows up click. you need to submit your blog just once to them and it helps A LOT.

4) do the same for Yahoo.

and you already do the sunday scribblings...I just realized how many people find blogs through those things. was also interesting to note the changes your blog has had. in the beginning when you weren't 'found' I noticed your writing was different than after you got more 'popular'. It feels lately that you've come back and your writing is more tight again.
sorry for the long post....

Misplaced said...

I will try those suggestions. I started yesterday to get signed up for those sites but was bogged down and confused quickly. As always thanks for the suggestions- you are much more savvy with this stuff than I

m.m.crow said...

i'd love to just copy and paste this post onto my own blog. i go back and forth with the same stuff so i totally relate. thanks for voicing it.
and yes, i will write about the sweat lodge. right now i'm still processing it. it's hard to put something like that into words....

Self Taught Artist said...

i know, it took me DAYS to get that stuff...if you want help just email me (on my website)
the last thing, not to overwhelm you, is keywords..when you go to technorati look up keywords first,
here and whatever words you use make sure you use them in your labels (at the end of your posts). I think this is the best thing to far since I have done that I'm noticing people finding my blog based more on keyword searches than anything else.

chicklets were challenging for me too...but there are blog help sites that tell you how to do anything. just takes time and tenacity.

sarala said...

I agree with everything said in post and by self taught. In fact I'll have to look into a few of her suggestions. I too like your new posts. Especially your "war stories".
I tried Blog Explosion and didn't like it. Wasted a lot of time reading blogs I didn't like, same ones over and over in interest of marketing.