Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today I was given two Thinker Awards, one from Sharala and the other from Self Taught Artist. Thanks!

Those awards are given to ‘blogs which make us think’. I would have posted this earlier but I was attempting to post the Thinker Award Logo on my site but have been unsuccessful and it took me an hour to link to their sites so it is very clear that, while my blog may help others to think, it has done nothing for my thinking abilities.

Writing is a solitary pursuit and it is nice to get feedback especially if its positive (I'm not one of those that appreciates the negative feedback). Thanks to both of you for the mention- I suspect it wasn’t for my recent limerick or Bimbo Bread.


Self Taught Artist said...

thats funny...all you have to do to get that logo is copy and paste it to your desktop and then edit your post; add it just like you would a picture. (you can go back to my site, click that little bastard and it will take you to its own page to copy)
i'll be thinking about it

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Always always, you deserve it. :)