Monday, February 05, 2007

This weekend was a bust. My back kept me laid up and is causing me trouble even today. I walk with both knees bent and my shoulders hunched over, I walk a little like the orangutans in the first Planet of the Apes. Whenever I pass the full length mirror I yell, "you won't like what you find out there!" to an imaginary Charlton Heston.-Spoiler Alert- He, in fact, does not like what he finds out there. Strangely enough, in the book (yes I read the book) The Charlton Heston character smacks Nova (the hot chick) around- of course it was written in the early 50's by a Frenchman. I'm not judging, I'm just saying- but I digress. The point is I was laid up this weekend.

Luckily I ordered a few books from the library and picked them up on Friday- and have spent the entire weekend reading. I also rented the TV show "My Name Is Earl, which is surprisingly funny.

This weekend I've been reading The Razor's Edge by Somerset Maugham. I read this for the first time several years ago and I'm enchanted with it. I've been working on a story that is somewhat similar and have been meaning to re-look at the book- I have not been disappointed.

The point in this whole post is to say that I am a clever little monkey...I mean orangutan and pain has made me loopy and incoherent.


artist said...

Sorry to hear your back is being such a pain, one can't help but to suggest things...I'll refrain from a litany and just say wet heat. Hot water bottle....okay 2 things...heat and milk if you drink it (or heavy whipping cream). Soothes and heals the nervous system.
Somerset Maugham will help too :) I read everything he ever wrote, amazing author. Hope you are back in the swing of things soon.

Angela in Europe said...

Well, being laid up reading isn't the worst thing that could happen...