Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Have I mentioned that we are going to Paris in two weeks?...I have...once or twice you say. What's that?.. I need to shut the fuck up about it already?

Well we are going to Paris to scope it out March 9th. Through an on-line agency I found a pretty cool apartment (pictured) to rent for the week. I highly recommend renting apartments rather than hotels when traveling- it is so much nicer having a kitchen.

Anyway I found this nice place and emailed the agency about it.
They told me, "it is available."
I said, "great- send over the paperwork."
They wrote back two days later asking "are you interested? It is available"
I replied that "yes indeed I'm interested and I'm glad its available."
They sent another email saying "we need to check with the owner to see if it is available."
I said, more to myself than anyone "Huh?"
They sent a another message saying "we can' get in touch with the owner, you need to choose a different apartment."

Meanwhile, K- (I believe I've mentioned that she is much smarter than I) went to a different agency, found the same apartment and today rented it for a cheaper amount of money. Her motto is "retail is for sucka's" and ...well.. I'm a sucka'

Wait a minute, I did mention that we are going to Paris, didn't I? Such Language!


sarala said...

All I can say is I'm jealous. It looks like a great apartment. I can't wait to see what you post about your trip.

Self Taught Artist said...

so when you get there, is it for looking for where to live, to visit, to find untouristy places and people to grease up the writing wheels? hope you get a chance to post a blog, its like opening a favorite section of the newspaper each day when i get on your site.

Heather Annastasia said...

But if you're in Paris, you won't be misplaced in the midwest.

I really like this blog, I hope you find time to post while you're in Paris.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a beautiful apartment. me want.