Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've been emailing with Paris Attitude attempting to find a suitable apartment in Paris for the year.

K- and I are used to some space but this is something we will be giving up. I would like two bedrooms- one for us and one that can be a study and a place for visitors. The apartment also needs to allow cats.

We found a nice apartment furnished well, I'm not crazy about the black and white theme but it's in the 2nd arrondissement. It was a little more than we intended 1,950 euros per month which translates to $2,565 American. What we forgot to factor in was the agency fee -$3,000 and the deposit -$5,130. For the year, our housing would cost almost $40,000! -ZOIKS- of course we get the 5 grand back at the end of the year, unless we go "Keith Moon" on the place. (the poor guy trashes a few hotel rooms and is labeled for life).

That was more than we anticipated. We need to sit down and figure this one out. I've seen other places in crappy neighborhoods and not particularly comfortable looking for cheaper but its a quality of life issue. translation: now that I'm older I don't want to live in a shithole.


Self Taught Artist said...

just an out there suggestion, and its probably too late but ya never know. costs $33 to join and every week you get listing from all over the world of places to caretake.
there is also a program, i dont remember the name, where you trade houses with someone for x amount of time. europeans, i hear, love this and would come to your home for 6 months and you go to theirs.
for 40k as the other option, might be worth a look see no?

Misplaced said...

I looked at the house swap- strangely enough, no one wants to move to the Midwest. Regarding your last comment- I think its definatly a Razor's Edge kind of story- which is why I wanted to re-read it.

Self Taught Artist said...

Oh, yeah I guess Ohio isn't exactly a hot spot- maybe you can use your writing skills to make it sound kickass? A work of fiction to be believed?
Glad I had the right book. The moon and sixpence is about gaughin and he went through a crisis of sorts too with the whole work/wife/life thing.

frog with a blog said...

Hi, I just saw your comment on my blog, thanks for visiting. I just need to ask you how huge is this apartment for 1,950€ ?I've never heard about such a high price in Paris except if the apartment has at least 14 bedrooms (ok slight exaggeration, I know, but still...). Ok it's the 2nd arrondissement, which is both fancy and central, but still, it sounds EXTREMELY expensive...