Friday, February 23, 2007

Rut Row Raggy

It's funny to have just written about change, especially the fear of change. What I didn't expect is that maybe I should have been fearing no change.

K- called me in a panic. Apparently when she was filling out her tax status for a job that began last year she inadvertently checked a wrong box. No problem I'm thinking, I usually check the wrong box. Well this might be a problem because it turned out that she has not paid any federal taxes last year which means we will owe them a lot of money. This could effect many things because the Paris move was tight to begin with.

Bones once told me, "that's how life comes at you sometimes". I'm keeping good thoughts- we shall see what we shall see.


sarala said...

What a setback. I hope you do not have to give up your dream.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's 1am and I can't sleep. I was so going to post something about how nuh-uh, it's not gay, *you're* gay, but then not only would no one get it, I'd look like a totally insensitive weenie.

Gee, thanks. Weenie...

Anyway, feel free to think, "Aww, how cute, a teenie-bopper giving advice." But Bones is right. Something out of the blue that no one expects. Someone should tell Life not to run with scissors. You either squeal like a little girl and run away, or whoops, there goes a perfectly good glass coffee table and childhood as you know it is over.

But hey, what doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable, right? =)

And hey. Hang in there!! :P

Heather Annastasia said...

If you owe taxes, you don't have to pay it all at once. You can set up payments.

We owed one year, and we didn't pay at all. The following year when we were due a refund they just subtracted what we owed from the previous year.

BTW, Am I retarded or do other people have problems with these word verification things?

Self Taught Artist said...

my tiny thought to add to these great thoughts are...sometimes things are just going to be the way they are, all we can do is try to make steps towards what we want to do/have and let life take over and do the rest. Sometimes the plan is bigger or smaller than we can know.

Angela in Europe said...

I am sure you will pull through, but what a nasty little kink in the plans, huh?!