Sunday, February 11, 2007

How I Read The Sunday New York Times

My favorite part of the Sunday New York Times is the Book Reviews. Specifically the letters to the editors in the book review. So this is where I begin. Every week some author writes in to bitch about a crappy review they got the week before. I love it, its a school yard fight,

Critic: "Your book sucked"
Author: "No it didn't You suck!"
Critic: Your mamma suck
Kid playing 4 Square: "oooo that boy say his mamma suck"

After that I read the hardcover best seller list and place an order with the library. I'll receive the book 5 weeks later and think "why did I order this?" I then peruse the paperback bestsellers for kicks.
Wow DaVinci Code is still there, how about the Devil in the White City? Yup
...and A Million Little Lies Pieces, the James Fry scam? Yup still there too, all is well in the world.

I read A Million Little Pieces before the ruckus broke out on that. I don't know if you remember. It was the supposedly true story of James Fry and his attempt at getting sober and all his shenanigans. I knew it was bullshit, not because of the outrageous stories- those happen, although probably not to him, but because he has several places in the book where poor white guys are referring to him, an upper middle class white guy, as the bravest, toughest man they've ever met. Trust me, poor young white guys hate rich young white guys. No guy who grew up in the street would refer to James' rich, punk-ass as "tough". They might call him a "punk-ass mother fucker", beat the shit out of him and steal his watch but that's about it. They would probably beat him up just for calling himself James. But that's neither here nor there.

A quick perusal of the travel section. My sister used to call it the Dream Section.I look for any place that I have been so I can say to K- "I've been there" I, of course search for anything about Paris, as you may have gathered, I'm a bit obsessed with Paris. It would be a great disappointment to get move there and not like it.

I should at this point move to the front page or the Week in Review, but I roll right into Sunday Styles. I make a stab at the cross word puzzle- I used to be able to finish them but I'm so out of practice that I barely make a dent. After this I make a start for current events, but a nap is generally calling me and this is a call I take.

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