Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feel free to skip over this entry. I wanted to begin a new subject label about writing. I found an interesting passage in my Flaubert book about how he would write. It inspired me and I thought I ought to gather anything that inspires me because I am so often without inspiration. I will say the biggest inspiration I've had were the very kind words of Self Taught Artist, Penelope and Simon Chase- Thanks!

...before beginning to write, he (Flaubert) sketched out on paper, in telegraphic phrases, the general plan of the book. Then he developed the different parts in more detailed outlines. These outlines were followed by drafts written very freely, as inspiration dictated. Then began the arduous task of revision. He would go over his drafts word by word, tightening, chiseling indefatigably, rejoicing if at the end of the day he had saved a few sentences. These sentences he would shout out loud in the silence of his study. If they passed the test, he would consider them definitive. If, not, then he would set to work furiously on them again until they sounded the way he wanted them to. And at the end of these exhausting verbal acrobatics he obtained the miracle of a prose that gave the illusion of naturalness and ease.

Flaubert by Henri Troyat

It's funny when you read biographies about classic writers you often think they would be staid, dull people. This biography on Gustave Flaubert I'm reading is downright salacious. The French and their hookers, oh my.


m.m.crow said...

i just noticed you put a link to my blog.
thanks alot.
appreciate it.

Self Taught Artist said...

I don't know why I'm always wrong, always shocked when people say something that I would not have ever thought. I am referring to your saying that a few of our comments to you/about your writing was inspirational to you. I say this because your writing style, comes across as, at least to me is this:

sassy, street smart, sexy, dangerous, thoughtful, strong, unpretentious, savvy, humorous, and like there is this energy of getting on with it, going somewhere....and on and on. you always have points. you always wrap it up and keep it full circle.

I will say that I have tried hard NOT to say too much about how I like your writing, thinking it would just be like little annoying unwanted flying insects clouding your space. Like 'leave me alone I just want to write my shit'.

but we all need a few people to recognize things about our art do we not? I know I do dangit.

Self Taught Artist said...

by the way, those 'kind words' were honest words. I feel strongly about a person trying to follow their dream. This isn't a blog to entertain us all right? Its you wanting to write every day and hone your skills and possibly get feedback.