Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's cold in my little corner of the Midwest. We are all doing what we can to stay warm.


Self Taught Artist said...

I can't help myself, I have to keep giving you blog help even though you haven't asked. The next thing that is good to have, especially for a writer, is a Creative Commons Deed thing on your blog. here is the link
You can go to my site to see what it looks like if you want. I don't know how much good it REALLY does but at least your sacred writing is made more so. I just really respect your style and think your have a good start and a blog and writing career.
You dont have to keep this post up, just wanted to pass it on.

Self Taught Artist said...

hey thx for the link and comment and welcoming blog mentoring.
there is a one time thing to do, go to this link: and type in your URL. If you want your blog to get ranked and listed better thats whatcha gotta do.
You could also hook up with technorati and ping-o-matic...everytime you blog you can hit ping o matic and it updates. the point in all this other than pr?, well if you want to write and get read and be taken seriously this boosts all that.
More later, inundation is not my goal.